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I believe that any company will take on the personality of those who founded it and those who run it. This page expresses my personal core values, which will affect how I run Realm-Net Hosting. These may not make it into the "corporate" core values, but they will undergird them.

  1. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...and the Internet too.
  2. I am desperate for God because I know that on my own, I am utterly corrupt. I would be completely lost if it were not for the free gift of salvation that God offers through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  3. I require His Holy Spirit to breathe life into me, His Word to renew my mind, and His power to transform my life on a daily basis.
  4. I was created for a purpose. I have a destiny that is larger than myself.
  5. My priorities are: God, wife, children, church/destiny, job/business, myself.
  6. I must have integrity in all my dealings, both personal and business.
  7. I believe in a balance between profitability and fairness to the customer.
  8. I have an obligation to my future employees (we're a two man show for now) to pay them fairly, to provide a positive work environment, to help them discover their destiny and to achieve their full potential.

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America, Bless God!



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