What do you mean by bandwidth?

Bandwidth is one of those high-tech buzz words that everyone likes to throw around without explaining it much. Bandwidth is basically how much data you can put through an Internet connection in a given amount of time. Internet connections come in different sizes or capacities. When web hosting companies talk about bandwidth, they usually are referring to monthly transfer, as in 1 GB per month. When they want to talk about bandwidth in terms of how fast their Internet connection is, they will refer to it by name, as in OC3, etc.

Just say "No" to unlimited bandwidth?

Many web hosts claim to offer unlimited bandwidth. In case you're considering such a host, realize that it is impossible to offer unlimited bandwidth. Every Internet connection has a limitation to how much data can flow through it. Also, read the fine print in their terms of service. As soon as you go over a certain amount of monthly transfer, they will tag your site as a "high-resource" site and either shut you down or force you to upgrade to a dedicated server.

What Bandwidth does Realm-Net Hosting offer?

Here's how it works:

  • Realm-Net Hosting leases servers from EV1servers.net.
  • EV1servers.net provides 1,000GB/month for each server
  • Your site shares a server with no more than 100 other sites.
  • Your site will have an average monthly transfer of no less than 10GB/month.
  • We do not measure the amount of monthly transfer your site uses. This is what we meant when we used to say we offer unmetered bandwidth. Some people found that to be confusing or misleading, so we hope this has cleared that up.



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