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A web site is the most cost-effective way to provide information to a large number of people, at their convenience through an easy-to-remember web site address.

  • When you get a web site with Realm Net Hosting, we will help you choose a web address that is easy to remember. For example, our business is called "Realm Net Hosting" and our web address is www.realm-net.com.
  • Web site addresses are typically easier to remember than phone numbers. People can look up your web site at any time of day or night, and it can be seen by hundreds of people at one time. Compare that to having one phone line that is available from 9 to 5.
  • A Web site address also makes your business look more credible. People reason that if youíve invested in a web site, that you are planning on being around for a long time.
  • Do your customers need a lot of information about your products and services before they commit to the sale? Or even before they contact you? A web site can provide your customers with all the information they want, at their convenience.
  • Even if your customers donít need a lot of information, a web site can provide them with the basic information they need to know about your business. Things like location, hours, phone numbers, what products you carry or what services your business provides.
  • A web site can improve your contact with your customers after the sale. Customers can join an e-mail club so they can receive information about "specials" youíre running.
  • Your web site can also provide helpful information to your customers. This might be something like a "Tips from the Pro" page.
  • Suppose you have a business that also acts as a place for people to get together to chat, like a donut shop or a hair salon. Your web site can extend this interaction to your customerís home by setting up a forum.
  • Allow your customers to buy products from you at their convenience, pay via credit card, and arrange for delivery or pick-up of their purchases.

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