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SSL Requirements


In order to offer the most flexible hosting packages possible, we allow you to choose the extra features you want. Select the optional features you want when you sign-up.

Some optional features are dependent on another optional features. The features that are indented under other features require the higher level feature to work. Do you want to use the osCommerce Shopping Cart? You will need to select the MySQL Database feature. In order to use SSL, your site needs a Dedicated IP address, and so on.  The Optional Feature section of the Sign-up page also shows the features in the same way. To choose a dependent feature, like SSL, you will be required to check the box by Dedicated IP, and so on.


Feature Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Dedicated IP Free $5.00
  Anonymous FTP Free Free
  SSL $30.00 Free
MySQL Database Free $5.00
  Shopping Cart $50.00 $5.00
    Basic Configuration $50.00
    Import Products, Prices & Categories $75.00
    Customize Layout $100.00
    Customize Colors $50.00



PHP Free Free
Sub-domain Sub-web $5.00 Free
Child site Free Free

Dedicated IP
Normally, sites are setup to share an IP Address with several other sites. Apache web server determines which web site to deliver based on the domain name in the request. If an IP address is used to browse to the site, anyone of the sites on that IP address may be delivered.

By dedicating one IP address to a site, browsing by IP address will allows deliver one site. A Dedicated IP address is only available if you choose one of the following features:

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Anonymous FTP
This feature allows users to upload or download files by logging in as an "anonymous" user. This features requires the Dedicated IP feature.

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Secure Sockets Layer allows you to collect confidential information from your visitors while giving them the assurance that their information will be secure and assures them of your identity.

Click here to read More about SSL

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MySQL Database
MySQL is an Open Source relational database which allows you to store information on the server and create more dynamic, interactive web sites. Administrative access to your MySQL database will be through phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin allows you to create tables, insert data and run queries. You can also run the Database Definition Language (DDL) scripts that many packages come with. phpMyAdmin is password protected so only you can make changes to your database.

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Shopping Cart
Realm-Net Hosting offers the osCommerce shopping cart. The Exchange Project is an Open Source project that uses PHP and MySQL. You customize The Exchange Project's look and feel to suite your needs and maintain your store in the MySQL database through the web-based administrative interface. Go here for a demo...

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Every site features basic statistics. Perlfect DailyStats summarizes statistics by day and month, and allows you to see useful daily summaries of Total KB Transferred, Total Accesses, Total Page Views, Total Unique Visitors, and Average Pages Per Visitor. It also lists the 10 Most Popular Documents, the Top 10 Gateways, and the Referrers to your site.

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PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language that is similar to Active Server Pages. If you are completely new to PHP and want to get some idea of how it works, have a look at the PHP's introductory tutorial. PHP is a project of the Apache Software Foundation, and is also an Open Source project. The Exchange Project and Self-Serve FAQ (which we use for our FAQ section) are both driven by PHP.

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