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The Sun Cobalt RaQ4 Server supports the main features of FrontPage Server Extensions, except for sub-webs.

What are sub-webs?

A sub-web is contained in a folder under your main website, but has its own permissions and themes.

You would use sub-webs if different sections of your site required different themes.

Another reason for a sub-web is to control who can author, browse and administer different portions of your site. For instance, if your site had a Products section and a Support section, you might make each a sub-web and allow the Product Manager to author and administer the Products sub-web, and the Support Manager t author and administer the Support sub-web.


Why aren't sub-webs supported?

As my Greek professor used to say, "That's just the way it is."

Is a work-around available?

We offer two optional features to get around this limitation:

  • Sub-domain Sub-web
    If you want to access your sub-web in a directory under your main web (www.site.com/products/) then we can manually configure a sub-domain to point to a folder within your site. This will allow your to publish to the sub-domain from FrontPage and access it as a directory of the main site. There is a $5.00 setup fee per sub-web setup this way.
  • Child Sites
    The alternative is to break your account up into a main site and one or more sub-domains (www.site.com and products.site.com). Your main site and sub-domain sites must be at least 25 MB in size however. There is no extra charge for setting this up.




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